Sustainability: Discover the
Resysten way

Join the movement towards sustainable hygiene practices with Resysten. By choosing our advanced coating solutions, you not only protect yourself, your loved ones, and your surroundings, but also make a significant positive impact on the health of our planet.

Problems with the common
disinfection practice

Disinfection is a common practice for preventing the spread of any bacterial or viral outbreak. To contain the SARS-CoV-2 infection, trucks, drones, and mini-tankers have been deployed to spray vast quantities of disinfectants in urban public areas. Most disinfectants’ active components are harmful and corrosive chemical compounds, including chlorine-releasing agents, oxidizing agents, and quaternary ammonium cations.

Spraying poisonous disinfectants into the environment hundreds of times a day or thousands of times a week destroys the air quality in offices, schools, production factories, transport, households, restaurant, retail outlets, and our planet.

Why poison the air you breathe daily with toxins when you have a sustainable alternative?

Resysten is applied once every 12 months with an invisible coating of two layers to any surface and will outperform any sanitation method used for disinfection. Thus, ensuring you use the most sustainable way possible to keep you, your family, workplace, school and environment hygienically clean.



Resysten is made up of a unique formula that reduces the number of chemicals needed in the disinfection process, and yet Resysten is more effective than traditional disinfectants.


You decide? Clean a surface 12 times a day with disinfectants that contain toxins that are harmful to the environment (that’s over 4000 times a year), or apply Resysten only once every 12 months to disinfect surfaces.


Incorporating Resysten within your hygiene regime means your environment will be hygienically clean to the highest standards, and also, your cleaning process is done in a sustainable manner.


Be prepared.

Resysten provides continuous disinfection for up to 12 months from just one application on any type of surface, ensuring pathogens do not have a place to survive, grow or lead to bacterial or viral outbreaks. Classified as a PT2 disinfectant by EU authorities, Resysten is used in various sectors where hygiene is critical.


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